The 6 Week Fitness Challenge is starting this month, so please let me know if you want to join us!!

The program includes:
* Two dedicated Fitness Challenge Sessions; Thurs 7:30pm and Saturday 6am (early, but its done and dusted and you are back home as the family are only just waking up!!)
* All k.mack fitness group classes included.
* $5 metafit (Free for VIP Members)
* Meal plans and “at home workouts”.
* NEW boxing session included in free sessions
* Fitness testing and body measurements (optional)
* A points challenge system
* Group Facebook page
* Regular videos from Jen and I.
* 24 hour support
* Support from renowned nutritionist David O’Reilly for Mountain Foundry Nutrition.
* Fun filled breakfast on the last morning
* All this for $215 or I can set up fortnightly direct debit of $35.85 per week
** KMack Fitness VIP Members $100
(I put the wrong price on the last flyer, so ignore that!!)

We now have the extra night time session for you to get to with the introduction of the new boxing session. You can now work out Monday 7:30pm metafit, Tuesday 7:30pm Boxing, Wednesday 9:30am Group Fitness, Thursday 7:30pm Bootcamp, Friday 9:30am Group Fitness and Saturday 6am Bootcamp…….you’ll be sick of me by Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know ASAP if you want to join us!!