60 Sec Frenzy

A simple 12min fat burning workout for those who have limited time to train. This can be done in your own lounge room and targets almost all muscle groups! Get ready GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FITNESS CHALLENGE (BOOTCAMP) STARTING THURSDAY 21ST JULY The 6 Week Fitness Challenge is starting this month, so please let me know if you want to join us!!

Same, Same But Different!

Lots of changes coming up in the next few weeks gang. Bring da Kids Group Fitness will be going through a name change and will be known as KMack Fitness. We will still have our regular Bring da Kids Group Fitness sessions on a Wednesday and Friday morning, Monday and Thursday Metafit and regular bootcamps, […]

Happy Easter

Enjoy the festivities… but remember to get back on track and reward yourself with healthy food options over the next few days. Click here for a great motivational read.

Bootcamp Update!

The New Year New You Bootcamp kicks off Thursday 11th Feb at 7:30pm at the Upwey South Primary School. Looking forward to getting into some challenging fitness testing on the first night, plus we’ll do beep test, push up test, plank test, squat test and the extended run test.

Feb is my Whole You Health Month

Feb is my Whole You Health Month. We will not only be focusing on exercise and nutrition, but also on your mental health. As most of you know I teamed up with Honor Newman, psychologist from TLC, to give and info talk on emotional eating, stress, anxiety, depression and how exercise can help with these […]