Want to lose weight? Get fit? Tone up? Meet great people and have fun all at the same time??

Based out of Upwey in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, K.Mack Fitness specialises in group and personal training.  Our sessions include; Bootcamps, Group Fitness, Boxing, Metafit and Personal Training.

At K.Mack Fitness we take a holistic approach to fitness and like to work on all areas of your health including exercise, nutrition and your mental health.  The sessions are fun, yet tough, and are set in an encouraging and supporting environment.

The business was set up in 2009 when Kellie, the owner, had her first child.  She realised how many mums weren’t exercising because they didn’t have the time or the support around them to sneak off to the gym, out for a run etc. So she set up a business called Bring da Kids Group Fitness and started running classes and personal training for mums and bubs with a strong focus on pre and postnatal women. In recent years the business has expanded to include Bootcamps and Metafit sessions for those who are ready for a “full on SMASHFEST”, and in 2016 underwent a name change to K.Mack Fitness to appeal to a broader range of clients.

Exercise has been proven to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, it clears your mind, makes you feel good and hence you are a happier person. People who exercise on regular basis tend to make better food choices, drink less alcohol and generally take better care of themselves. Exercise keeps you young, it keeps you fit, it keeps your weight down and it keeps you sane!!  It is good for your cardiovascular system, your muscles, your bone density and your joints. The human body was not designed to sit all day at a desk or in a car or on the couch, the human body was designed to move.



So please call us on 0417 367 816 to book your free trial and get started on your journey to a healthy, active lifestyle.